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Early Closure – What is it?

The market prices that 365trading uses to calculate the expiration values for our binary options types are obtained through our Liquidity provider

Early closure allows a trader to exit an option before the expiry time for a percentage of its initial investment. For example, if an investment is going your way but you’re unsure if that trend will continue, you can use the early closure option to close the option before the expiry time and receive a return percentage. This return depends on how much the Liquidity provider is willing to pay in order to buy back your option.

This example also works in the reverse. Imagine the market suddenly turns on your investment and instead of being a successful it looks like your investment will close out of the money. Using early closure you can close out of the investment and receive a percentage of your original investment.
The market prices that 365trading uses to calculate the expiration values for our binary options types are obtained through of our Liquidity provider

How do I use Early Closure?

Early closure is easy to use and can be used on “early close” in the table with your current positions on the trading page. Early closure is only available three minutes after you have purchased the option and will be available until three minutes before your option’s expiry time.

To use the early closure option click on the “early close” A Pop Up will appear to confirm your closing of your position. Just click the “confirm” button and that’s it.

Is Early Closure available on all options?

Not all binary options have the correct parameters for early closure and so early closure is only available on certain option types. For example, early closure is only available for orders with a minimum expiry of 10 minutes.


The following terms are used by 365trading to calculate values for closing positions prior to the scheduled expiry time:

  • Market Price – The last known market price as calculated from prcies listed by Bid, Ask, and Last Trade, as quoted in real time by Data Provider.
  • Time to Expiration – The time left until the position reaches the scheduled expiry time.
  • In the Money  – The last known position was recorded as a “win.”
  • Out of the Money  – The last known position was recorded as a “loss.”

 In addition, 365trading reserves the right to suspend the early closure functionality at any time.

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