Cancellation function

As additional service to our traders, we offer a cancellation feature.

This feature gives de trader the possibility to cancel a trade within a certain time frame.

The cancellation feature is provided under the following terms:

1. In principle the trader can cancel 1 trade per 15 trades.
2. The option to cancel the trade will be available for 3 seconds from execution.
2. Upon opening of the trading account, traders will have 1 cancellation available.
3. There is no restriction as to how many cancellations can be obtained, taking into consideration, point 1, whereby at least 15 new trades to activate a new cancellation option.
4. The fee for cancelling the order is 2% of the order, with a minimum charge of 1 euro.

 How it works:

While the cancellation option is available, a popup with the cancellation option becomes available after every execution. You will have three (3) seconds to cancel the trade under the above terms.

In case you do not want to cancel the trade, you merely let the 3 seconds pass and the popup will disappear and you trade remains as was executed.