Required documentation and account verification process!

365trading is a regulated investment firm and we are obliged to identify our customers and we kindly request you to supply as soon as possible the following documents so that you can continue to trade without interruption on our platform.

Upon registering and funding your account, assuming that deposited funds do not exceed €2,000 and upon the discretion of the Company, you have 10 days to supply us with the below requested documentation. In case documents are not received within these 10 days, functionality of your trading account will be limited.

After a total of 15 days without having received the appropriate documentation, we will return the remaining balance back to the account of origin, regardless of whether you requested the return of funds or not.

In case you have deposited a total of EUR 2,000.00 or more, your trading account will be automatically blocked and you have to supply the requested documentation in order to trade.

Note that deposits, trading and withdrawals can only be done by the owner of the trading account.


1. Copy of identity document (passport or ID card)

a) Driving license is not sufficient
b) ID Card (Both sides in color)
c) Passport colour copy
d) Document must be completely visible. The four corners of the document should be visible.


2. Proof of address (name, address, date must appear on the document)

a) document must not be older than 6 months
b) Document must be completely visible. The four corners of the document should be visible.
c) It should be a document from an official body, such as tax office, electricity, internet / telephony bill or copy of bank statement (easiest is to download it from your internet banking).


Kindly note that we will also require you to supply us with a copy of your bank account statement and/or any other bank details, in order for withdrawal request to be processed swiftly.

You can upload documents in “my account” or send an email to